Referrals platform

A well-designed pathway is key to safe service delivery- we have developed an intelligent cloud-based platform to guide you through the referral and scanning process:

Benefits include:

  • Increased referral volume
  • Reduce referral time
  • improved safety and
  • reduce administration.

This is in deployment for Barts Health NHS Trust. You can log-in here.

If you would like to sign up for a our beta-testing platform- please tell us here.

The MRI My Pacemaker platform present at the British Society of Heart Failure 2020 and the Royal College of Physicians AI and Digital Medicine Conference 2021

Checking devices

One of the more time-consuming tasks can be to check whether devices are compatible. Individual manufacturer allow you to do this and so we have centralised the direct links  here:

Abbott (St Jude Medical)


Boston Scientific – Europe

Boston Scientific – USA (note that the conditions in the USA are different to Europe)



Thank you to the British Heart Foundation for their support via innovation seed funding from a joint partnership with Novartis, to transform the way millions of people are affected by heart disease.