Award nominations

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In the UK, we perform about 1000 MRI scans in patients with pacemakers (and cardiac defibrillators). It is estimated that we need to perform about 50,000 of these scans annually to meet requirements. We have a long way to go.

Barts Heart Centre set up a ‘one stop’ service to provide MRI services for pacemaker patients. By creating a streamlined service model, they were able to grow their service five-fold whilst reducing waiting times. This helped to discharge patients early from hospital and they found patients were being referred from across the country because they needed their scans. You can find the BMJ article here or download the pdf.

The success shows that models can be developed that address service barriers, and it has resulted in nominations for both the BMJ Awards and Health Service Journal Awards. Well done Barts Heart Centre!

One thought on “Award nominations

  1. Yes well done Barts Heart Centre!

    I am one of the fortunate ones who have had MRIs with a pacemaker at the centre. That was essential for an operation to remove a tumour. I hope you are able to grow this much needed service.


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