Its safe to MRI pacemaker patients- RCR/BCS joint statement.

Dear all

Today the Royal College of Radiology and the British Cardiovascular Society are publishing a joint letter updating members on providing MRI for patients with cardiac devices.

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 10.52.45.png
Royal College of Radiology and British Cardiovascular Society letter updating members for MRI provision in cardiac device patients. Download here.

They agree that this is now possible and should be standard- these patients should no longer be disadvantaged by missing out on MRI diagnoses of cancer and strokes.

Thank you to everyone for getting this done- experience of local champions, industry work, professional bodies and patient ambassadors have all informed this.

There are still barriers for individual services but hopefully high level collaboration will help (particularly for funding and cardiology/radiology partnership). Referrer and patient awareness also needs to improve, so please publicize this letter.

Practical guides to check devices, service level SOPs, guidance, patient and referrer information (print versions coming soon) are all available and regularly updated on the website.

Best wishes


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