A dedicated MRI referrals platform for pacemaker patients

We want to share our dedicated cloud-based referrals platform that uses intelligent logic to simplify service complexity, and enable quicker access to better care.

Hospitals do not provide MRI services because it is logistically challenging – it needs experts in both MRI and the heart to work together, who do not normally. It is resource intensive to prevent rare but serious complications, and hospitals lack confidence because of the level of technical knowledge required.

Reasons for not setting an MRI service for cardiac device patients. From Sabzevari et al, EuroPace 2014

Traditionally referrals are made linearly but require simultaneous coordination between multiple individuals, many emails and delays of months.

Because the digital infrastructure is designed directly by the end clinical users, the intelligent logic can manage complex decisions with the necessary safety assurance that usually takes multiple clinicians many weeks.

The British Heart Foundation is supporting deployment initially at Barts Health NHS Trust, the fourth largest NHS Trust in the country and is now being tested at five other pilot sites and the rest of the country.

If you are a clinician and want to set up a service, or save time to scale MRI volume – get in touch.

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