Hope for Hearts: BHF support awarded for the campaign!

We are pleased to announce support from the British Heart Foundation for the MRI My Pacemaker campaign! It is one of four projects receiving innovation seed funding from a joint partnership with Novartis, to transform the way millions of people are affected by heart disease.

The resources will be used to work with national societies, patient charities and industry to improve education and develop an intelligent cloud-based referrals platform so cardiac device patients across the UK can access cancer and stroke care reliant on MRI, just like the rest of us.

We will develop patient leaflets available in every UK cardiac device centre, and educational videos so patients and referrers feel empowered advocating for important MRI scans when required.

Because the digital infrastructure is designed directly by the end clinical users, its intelligent logic can manage complex decisions with the necessary safety assurance that can otherwise take the imaging and cardiac specialists many weeks. We hope this will expedite treatment, improve safety and reduce administration.

We are indebted to the many individuals, and partners that are working with us on this project.

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