Patient education leaflets

Updating information and guidance.

We find we are often contacted by patients looking for MRI services (both in the UK and abroad). We have decided to develop educational videos and leaflets using an award-winning developer to raise referrer awareness. Because patients are their own best advocate, we hope this will empower patients to initiate contact with MRI services and share their records online.

How do we ensure that we can update every one of half a million people in the UK with cardiac devices? We will make the leaflet available in physiology clinics which patients attend at least annually for a device check.

We are spending a lot of time getting the content right due to the complexity of the topic – it requires imaging and heart specialists and of course patients. We are grateful to the following for their input:

Arrhythmia Alliance, Cardiomyopathy UK and Barts Charity patients for identifying the topics and making sure the wording is pitched correctly.

The National Device-MRI Working Group and the following national societies are ensuring the content and advice is accurate:

Addendum Unfortunately covid-19 will likely mean that we will rely more on remote device monitoring rather than in-person checks. We will still make sure leaflets are distributed to patients at the time of implant (working with the British Heart Rhythm Society and British society of Heart Failure) and through patient charities.

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